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    Frequently asked questions about our website design and development process

    Not at all, we will set up your website with redirects and add the appropriate title tags and meta descriptions so you don’t lose rankings. 

    The website will look better and will keep all of the SEO rankings it has acquire.

    WordPress websites are usually very safe but if you are concerned we can implement an additional anti-malware plugin that will keep your site and secure from any hacker. You have nothing to worry about.

    This is often done automatically, but you can also update all the plugins manually and use the recommended version of PHP to keep your site secure.

    The biggest risks are having outdated plugins and themes. And we keep our custom theme updated and whenever something becomes deprecated, we update it.

    Similar to above, as long as you keep all the plugins up-to-date you won’t have any problems.

    Every few months or years certain PHP may become deprecated and will need to be updated. In this case you will need someone with PHP and WordPress knowledge to update it.

    I know one of your concerns is to be able to modify the website completely by yourself.

    However, that’s not ideal, especially if you’re handling other aspects of your business because you’ll simply add more tasks to yourself.

    But, you want to work with someone that’s easy to communicate with and responds in a timely manner.

    All of our themes allow you to easily update the content and images by yourself.

    You are able to make layout updates on your own as well but you’ll need HTML knowledge.

    Our themes are built with the Bootstrap framework so there’s a lot of documentation online if you decide to make changes on your own.